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Project Description
The aim of this project is to enable JavaScript Intellisense for the Seadragon AJAX API in Visual Studio 2008

By simply adding a few files in your VS2008 project and one line in your JavaScript code, you will be able to find the intellisense for the Seadragon AJAX Library (currently v0.8)

If you have a problem with this project or if you find a bug, please tell us through the discussions, we will correct it asap! And If you would help this project, feel free to contact us through discussions or private messages.

How it works:

1. Download the project in its latest version:

You only need this file to provide you with intellisense: SeaJSHelper_Release.js

2. Place the file inside your project:

You can place it wherever you want, you will have to change the path in the reference.

3. Add the reference in the beginning of your JavaScript file:

Then you will have the autocompletion (aka Intellisense) that displays inside VS2008.

4. When you have developed your application:
You have to use Replace through VS2008 (CTRL + H) the following element:
'SeadragonJS' by 'Seadragon.'

In fact as VS2008 does not support well the JavaScript namespace concept, we have to use this trick.

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